Gumpp & Maier GmbH is a company that has grown from two strong roots: one originated in the carpentry and weight making shop established by Josef Maier's grandfather in 1930 and the other in the carpentry shop founded by Leonhard Gumpp in 1931.

The quality of its workmanship is the most important value in the eyes of the Gumpp & Maier GmbH. Its strongest presence is evident in the realisation of first-rate solutions for customers who have very exacting standards.

Delivering good solutions made of wood is a very simple process – if you have a great staff, high-quality materials and more than 80 years of experience.

Thanks to its ever-present driver – its power to innovate – Gumpp & Maier GmbH is always a step ahead of the growing demands of its clientele.

Gumpp & Maier GmbH is actively and systematically involved in the advancement of the development of good solutions made of wood. Because good is good but better is best.

The technical equipment used by Gumpp & Maier GmbH makes the company a top-ranking European provider in its industry. CNC controls make it possible to achieve results that are so precise they turn the simple material of wood into a high-end product.