• for carpentry operations and wood engineers
  • four joinery and element production


Project preparation

As a matter of principle, we design your roof trusses, houses and timber frame structures in the latest version of SEMA.

All you need to do is enter your project preparation information into our ready-to-use checklists.

When you purchase project preparation services from us, the cost includes access to the expertise we have acquired in the construction of hundreds of houses and thousands of trusses.


We manufacture every roof, wall and ceiling component on our CNC joinery system Hundegger K2, ensuring absolute, down-to-the millimetre precision and the completion of all adaptations.

Our services also include all manual finishing that has to be completed by human hands despite automated processes!

We will tailor your truss work into custom packages based on your specifications and we can deliver the entire roof truss to your construction site upon request. Also, please do not hesitate to ask us to include any additional materials you may need to erect the truss.

Element production

Our element production comprises all wall, ceiling and roof elements.

You decide how much pre-fabrication you want us to do. The options range from single-sided cladding to completely finished elements including facade and windows.

We will fabricate your elements with down-to-the-millimetre precision on ultra-modern production equipment, including workbenches, CNC fabrication bridges and a window installation station that can be lowered into the ground.

We will deliver the elements to your construction site on flatbed trucks covered with tarpaulins. You will always receive quality controlled elements bearing the RAL seal of approval.