• for carpentry operations and wood engineers
  • four joinery and element production



Station 01 | Custom cutting

All custom cutting jobs are performed on our Hundegger K2 joinery machine. This equipment can handle almost all adaptations to the wood.


Station 02 | Roof and ceiling

Our roof/ceiling workbench is a butterfly turning table with clamping and fixation tools.

We use this workbench to manufacture elements with cladding on both sides up to dimensions of 3.30 m x 14.50 m.

Every element can be pre-fabricated to include the insulation. The customised elements are subsequently loaded on interchangeable flatbeds and are immediately available for transportation to your construction site.


Station 03 | Walls

At the heart of our wall production unit is the exterior wall line featuring a Weinmann CNC bridge.

We use this system to manufacture wall and facade elements that meet the highest precision standards. We can accommodate sizes up to 3.10 m x 12.50 m and maximum wall thicknesses of 50 cm in a single piece.

Our paternoster increases our productivity. All materials are located in the immediate proximity of the workbenches.


Station 04 | Windows

The window installation station, which can be lowered into the ground, enables us to perform all work at the ergonomically optimum work level and in compliance with the latest installation guidelines for walls. All reveals meet the highest precision standards.

Compared to construction site installations, pre-installation at the plant guarantees considerably higher precision levels as all of the work can be performed in an area that is protected from the elements and on level ground.


Station 05 | Storage

During transportation to the different stations – window installation, base rendering, etc. – all elements are suspended inside the transfer vehicles.

We treat our walls as if they were as fragile as egg shells. Until it is loaded in the wall station, each wall remains in a hanging position for storage.


Station 06 | Loading

In the production hall, where they are protected from harsh weather, all elements are loaded and securely tied into place in the proper installation sequence. Next, they are either loaded onto flatbed trucks or special interchangeable flatbed systems. Each element is carefully covered with tarpaulins to protect it during transportation.