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What the experts said about us in 2010

What the experts said about us in 2010

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Manufacturing & installation

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Reference customers

Euregon, Augsburg

The skeleton structure of this three-storey office building is constructed in beech laminated veneer lumber. The structure is visible on the inside and the warm tone of the beech is palpable.

Allguth Service Station, Olching

A service station with a shop and drinks market constructed entirely from wood.

Active City House, Frankfurt

The new Active City and Plus-Energy House – an eight-storey reinforced concrete structure with timber-framed curtain wall elements, is the world’s biggest plus-energy building.

REMO Showroom, Stilhof, Munich

Tile retailer REMO and affiliated company STILHOF presented us with a challenging task:

Residences for Asylum Seekers, Königsbrunn

The accommodation for refugees in the Augsburg district blazes a trail in terms of both timber construction and architecture.

GWG Munich

The use of wood as a construction material for the energy-performance modernization of floors and the addition of floors to basic residential buildings constructed in the 1950s self-assuredly develops a new exemplary type of architecture.

IWL, Landsberg

A workshop building - appealing both in terms of functionality and aesthetics – that serves as a model.

Michaeli Gymnasium, Munich Berg am Laim

For structural reasons, the panel elements for the ceilings were produced in a glued design.

Jochum Holz - Zusmarshausen

Parkett Star Prize for the best business reconstruction in wood trading 2013

Secondary school in Kissing

The extensive modernization of the secondary school included measures to increase energy efficiency, optimize air-conditioning and improve fire protection.

„Haus der kleinen Füße“, Villenbach

Innovative new building – a purpose-built kindergarten


Contemporary church buildings from wood


An office and production building


A block of flats built in 1958 in Hanover city centre


A row of 8 terraced houses originally built in the 1970s

Grüntenstraße Augsburg

Modernisation of a multi-storey building with 60 residential units

Agency for Rural Development

An office building for 150 employees.

Kinderhaus Sonnenschein

Extension/newbuild at a day nursery for 150 children in five groups (2 morning groups, 2 all-day groups and one after-school group for schoolchildren in years 1-4).

Primary School in Gundelfingen

The comprehensive modernisation of the state-funded primary school includes measures aimed at boosting energy efficiency, optimising the air conditioning and improving the fire prevention systems.

Odyzee School, Holland

A school complex in the Netherlands which won the PassiefBouwen Award 2011.

Yutz, France

A kindergarten building in Yutz near Nancy which demonstrates that buildings made of wood can also accommodate free-form concepts with ease.

Lac Blanc Ski Resort

A ski resort in the Vosges Mountains above Lac Blanc. The structure meets Passive House Standards.

Grünbeck Logistics

The company built a wood structure based high-bay warehouse for this service provider, resulting in greater storage space and optimised logistics processes. The complex boasts minimal energy consumption.

St. Die

Solid concrete core with a warm exterior facade – an intelligent and aesthetic combination of steel-reinforced concrete and wood structures.

Roch Print Shop

The objectives: build an eye-catching structure in the shortest possible time and do not exceed the budget. The result is impressive indeed!

Elsass Sonnenkraft Office Building

The French headquarters of a solar panel manufacturer that does business around the globe.

Ballerand Chateau Renovation

The company drew up precise architectural plans of the existing structures and the planned conversions as a basis for planning revisions and pre-production activities.

Tyrolean Tent

An event marquee of a different kind: this design is sturdy and made of pre-fabricated wooden elements; nonetheless it can be disassembled, rendering it mobile and transportable.

Pirate Station

The Pirate Station ride was built using wood structures for a theme park near Günzburg, Germany.

BUGA Molehill 2005

The "Möbius band" forms the basis for the extravagant and extremely interesting design of the underground passageway and cave system made of wood and soil.

Arnsberg Tri-House

A wooden facade was used to cover the steel-reinforced concrete construction of a multi-storey residential and business complex. A penthouse was erected on top of the building.