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What the experts said about us in 2010

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Jochum Holz - Zusmarshausen

Category: Commercial buildings
Construction time: August – October 2012

Parkett Star Prize for the best business reconstruction in wood trading 2013


To rethink what is present on the site. The stock halls should be renovated and extended by a new exhibition area with roofed external presentation surface.


Two interconnected naves in wooden frame construction take over roof shape and outline of two existing halls and extend them further.


The form to be salvaged by the wood of the roofs also includes the lateral free area. The glazed gabled facade appears light by contrast, as though slid beneath the roof. The internal area is defined by rough-sawn spruce on ceilings and walls, a smoothed concrete floor plate and large glass elements along the longitudinal facade which let in additional daylight and visually connect the new exhibition areas of the internal and external space.


A beautiful, individual solution with timeless elegance.


Contemporary architecture, exemplary in implementation from the point of view of design, ecology and economics.

Project participants:

Hiendl-Schineis Architectural Partnership, Augsburg  –
Selbertinger Uhl Architects, Munich –

Structural engineering 
Kovacs, Passau  -
Lieb Obermüller + Partner, Munich –

Window constuction
Firma Wipfler, Wörleschwang –


Prämierung Wettbewerb vorbildliches Bauen im Augsburger Land